Effectively Overcome Objections

The greatest challenge you will face in your job search is rejection. Interviewing is “sales” and rejection is part of the process. It is important you do not take rejection personally. Learn from each experience and fine tune your job search skills. It is important to know objections are buying signs, a request for more […]

Turn a Bad Morning into a Pretty Good Day

Do you ever have bad mornings? Here are four tried-and-true ways to turn a bad morning into a pretty good day…. Clear Your Head Step away from your desk or work area. Pry your fingers off that keyboard or phone screen, and head to the nearest exit. Use the 20 minutes or so you’d normally […]

Research Salary BEFORE you schedule interviews!

With the Internet, Job Boards, Job Postings on Web Sites and Social Media, it is easier than ever to research salary levels. If a company posts a salary range, they normally want to pay somewhere in the middle of the range. The offer is also based on the actual interview. If an employer interviews someone […]