Personnel Resources has been a great fit for me. My recruiter, Mai went above and beyond to help me find another job when my previous job was not working out for me. It is a great feeling to know that I have someone willing to help me out as much as possible. Personnel Resources ROCKS!!!

JeĀ­ Parent, Personnel Resources Associate

I would like to thank Robin, Mai and the staff at Personnel Resources for finding something for me so quickly… After going through the initial interview with Mai, she was able to get me working in just a matter of a few days. I am very glad I chose to meet with Personnel Resources. They were very honest and accurate about the work, so I didn’t have any surprises. They really cared about my needs. Thanks again.

Rolando Balzar, Personnel Resources Associate

As an employee of Personnel Resources, I enjoy many great aspects and benefits such as a friendly and informative atmosphere. Personnel Resources also provides me with a flexible schedule while receiving many work hours per week. Not only do I have a flexible schedule, but I also get paid holidays and health care benefits. I have worked for other staffing companies but I have never felt as comfortable and valuable as I have becoming employed by Personnel Resources.

Reanna Ash, Personnel Resources Associate

I like working at Personnel Resources because of the flexibility and weekly pay. Tiffany does a great job keeping track of my payroll. She always treats me fairly and is a pleasure to work with.

Danial Roos, Personnel Resources Associate