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Productive People Possess these 7 Habits…

Habits of Productive People


1. They don’t believe in messiness.
When you work in an organized and clean workspace, you’re more focused on getting the job done (and less distracted by clutter). Being a truly productive person is about having a habit of touching everything once. When something has to be done, productive people simply do it and then get rid of it.

2. They schedule everything even family time.
Truly productive people take it a step further and set a program for the day by making a list of the things that has to be accomplished; then they go through that list and prioritize it even further. When you’ve got a clear agenda in front of you, it’s more difficult for other, less important tasks to get in the way. Just make sure family and personal time ranks just as high as important meetings.

3. They follow through.
Zeroing in on a single action rather than the entire task puts the wheels in motion. You really have to drive it down to behaviors rather than entire tasks; otherwise, things seem too daunting and you’ll just walk away.

4. They don’t check e-mail as often as you do.
Do you keep your e-mail up and running all day long? It could be draining your productivity. Most super-productive people only check their email two or three times a day. When you’re always hearing new message alerts, you’ll never get anything done because there’s always something else to tend to. Filters—like sending anything with the word “unsubscribe” directly to the trash—can seriously up your efficiency.

5. They don’t forget about themselves.
You can’t be firing on all cylinders if your health is out of whack. Your best resources are your body and your mind. Getting enough sleep and exercise is the key to clear thinking, more creativity, and increased energy—which, in turn, make you more productive.

6. They like to sweeten the pot.
A little bribery can go a long way. If you have for example, an expense report that you’ve been dreading, allow yourself a little indulgence when it’s finally done. Time limits also have the same effect. Set a timer and say, ‘I’ll do this for 10 minutes.” Chances are, once you dive in you’ll keep going. Getting started and getting over that hump is always the hardest part.

7. They make technology work for them.
Technology can be both a blessing and a burden during the workday. Be careful and make sure you are using it for important things like calendars and reminders not stalking Facebook all day.