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I had never heard of Personnel Resources, but OMG they found me an AWESOME job with a great salary.  I am so happy and thankful to Maricela for helping me find a great career job.

Kurtis Cesar, Employee

I only have good things to say about this temp agency. It’s really frustrating when you apply to temp agencies and none of them call you back or follow up with you. That’s not the problem with this temp agency. They really do care about their employees and they always follow up with you. Would give it more stars if I could.

Bianeydi Cruz, Employee

Maricela, Mary and the whole Personnel staff is very attentive, considerate, understanding, very professional and I’m quite impressed. Bravo!

Trent Phifer, Employee

Personnel  Resources in Racine,WI has a wonderful staff and very good manners. They really listen to your needs. They found me a job in less than a week with an honest job description that is best for my needs and ability. Highly recommend.

Tracy Albright, Employee

They are very professional and hands on when fitting their employees’ with work that actually fits their skills. Easy to talk to and the greatest communication skill level. I’ve worked with them for some time and never have had a bad occurrence. I would recommend their services to everyone if you are serious about wanting to found solid long-term work. Thank you Personnel Resources, for giving this community an employment agency that truly delivers.

Willie May, Employee

I am thankful for Personnel Resources because working at PR not only helped me jump start my professional career, but I gained many professional and personal relationships with some of the best people around. Now, working with PR as a client, we are able to continue working with this great group of people as a staffing partner and work towards meeting our staffing goals. Whether you choose to work at PR, or work with PR as a client, you will not be disappointed!

Emily Kingry, Human Resources, Great Southern Wood