FAQ’s about W-2’s

1. When will W-2’s be issued?

All Personnel Resources employees will be mailed a copy of their W-2 no later than February 1, 2021. They will also be able to access them via the employee portal at

2. How can I get my address changed?

Personnel Resources employees can change their own address by logging on the employee portal at If employee has lost or forgotten their login credentials, they can reset their password directly through the employee portal.

3. Can I get a copy of my most recent check stub?

Check stubs are available on the employee portal at

4. Can I pick up my W-2 at your office or can you fax/email it to me?

We cannot fax or email your W2. You can log on to the employee portal and access it there.

5. What if I do not receive or can’t access my W-2 on the portal?

Contact our office at 334-794-8722 and we will assist you.

The tax laws changed for 2020 and withholdings are based on your annual (yearly) income. If you would like to verify your 2021 tax withholding estimate you can visit the IRS Tax Calculator at Then you can log in to the employee portal and make any changes needed.

If an employee files exempt, they will need to complete a new W-4 for 2021.

For ESSG Employees:
ESSG will have their W2’s out by January 31st. Below is the contact info for questions regarding 2020 W2’s.
If employees have questions regarding their 2020 W2 they can contact our W2 support line to receive answers to their inquiries. Please be advised that the direct dial is voicemail only due to high call volumes and all calls will be returned in the order that they were received.

W2 Support Contact Info:
(952) 767-5819 (voicemail only)

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