Good people getting hard to find?

It’s time to call in the experts. As one of the most respected clerical and light industrial staffing agencies in the industry, we can connect you with people who are skilled, reliable and flexible. You’ll meet your production deadlines and achieve your goals every time.

How do we do it?

We offer a variety of staffing solutions, from temporary and temp-to-hire to direct search and professional placement. We can even manage them at your site if you like.


Temporary employees are there when you need them; gone when you don’t. Short-term projects, variable demand, unexpected absences – nothing can stand in the way of getting work done with this just-in-time staffing option.


You don’t marry without going on a few dates first. Why should hiring be any different? Take some time to get to know a job candidate on the job before deciding to make them part of your team.

Direct Placement.

Have a critical role to fill and no one available to fill it? Personnel Resources reporting for duty! We’ll handle sourcing, screening and interviewing candidates and bring you the cream of the crop to choose from. Pay for our services only if you hire a candidate we present.

Professional Search.

Our recruiters will search high and low for the proven leaders your organization needs to grow and thrive. We’ll leave no stone unturned (even slipping behind enemy lines to reach professionals working for your competitors) to bring you the leadership you deserve.

On-Site Management.

Got all the temp help you need, but no one to manage them? Personal Resources will provide an on-site coordinator to manage every detail; from making sure everyone is there on time to getting them paid. We’ll even handle disciplinary issues, training and hiring. You get all the benefits of a large temporary workforce with none of the headaches.

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